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Motor RB 2015 - BXR LS5 plus

Tema en 'Motores para rc' comenzado por Carajo, 9 de Marzo de 2015.

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    The new BXR LS5 PLUS engine is a high level off road engine using the Long Stroke technology which is the off-road category great value. The 5 ports with MES engine receives a 14.5mm crankshaft, balanced, lightweight with silicone paste and ceramic main bearing. After lot of tests in different conditions, the new carburetor is using a double adjustment with an extra spraybar, giving a better idle and is very easy to adjust. The new cooling head is a low gravity one but keeps big size to make the engine cooler even under the hot temperatures.
    The BXR LS5 PLUS is a unique combination of power/consumption, made to win races! Perfectly fit most of the tracks where you need power without compromises but with a fuel consumption contained. Ideal for tracks with grip, jumps, corners & long.


    Long Stroke technology
    5 Ports + 2 by pass with Multi Exhaust System (MES)
    14.5mm turbo, balanced, lightened, silicone paste crankshaft
    Competition conrod
    Turbo combustion chamber with integrated O-ring
    Turbo plug special off-road
    Ceramic 14.5mm high speed main bearing
    Front dust protection rubber sealed bearing
    Low gravity center & lightweight cooling head with 10° angle thins
    Lightweight but strong crankcase
    Double adjustment Composite slide carburetor (9mm) with spraybar and long needle
    6, 7, and 8mm reducers


    The new carburetor has got a double adjustment with the extra spraybar made in brass to be very accurate with the opposite needle.
    The bottom needle is longer and progressive to give smooth acceleration's and to save fuel consumption too.
    This off road carburetor is very easy to adjust.



    Made in a very hard special aluminum (longer life), the piston is machined with a special rounded & curved top shape. The bottom slim shape of the piston make it very lightweight for maximum possible performance.
    The sleeve is made from hard chromed brass and features 5 transfer ports with 2 by-pass and a Multi Exhaust System (MES). The special shape and positioning of the ports improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance. The conrod is made from ultralight but strong aluminum which has been twice checked ultrasonic. The form is optimized to maximum reduce the turbulence inside the engine while running.
    Last, each piston is coupled with the sleeve to get the best compression and longevity. This operation is made by hand, one by one and checked by a specific precise measurement tool.



    The new cooling head is a light and 60mm diameter with a low gravity center. It is drilled and milled out to reduce head's weight. The special large machining located in front of the plug let the air comes better on the plug to make it cooler. The 10° angle thins also improve the overal cooling.



    The 14.5mm turbo crankshaft is lightened to reduce rotation weight, fill-in with silicon paste to improve intake's flow. The internal channel is grinded to improve the fluid-dynamics and the special shape of the flange reduces the internal turbulences inside the crankcase. The balancing is done by an insert made of tungsten alloy to reduce vibrations.



    The turbo combustion chamber has a special shape to increase the performance during combustion. The high temperature o-ring avoid vibrations and also protect the assembled sleeve/crankase from external dust.



    The front bearing has a double rubber shield protection against dust. The main bearing is calibrated and selected with 9 ceramic balls, it is assembled by hand and its tolerance is twice checked by a specific measurement machine.



    Displacement 3.49cc
    Bore 16.22 mm
    Stroke 16.80 mm
    Porting intake 5 + 2 by pass
    Porting exhaust 1 + 2 MES
    Crankshaft 14.5 mm
    Carburetor Nylon 9 mm
    Front bearing Steel
    Rear bearing Ceramic
    Weight 377 gr.

    Developed specifically for the off-road category, the new homologated EFRA 2124 RB tuned pipe gives the best performances for your BXR engines. It gives a great torque with fast accelerations but with a contained fuel consumption. Of course, the BXR engines works good with the EFRA 2097 pipe (a good compromise for all tracks) and the EFRA 2087 (very smooth for slippery and bumpy tracks).
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